Monday, May 08, 2017

National Police Week 29th Annual Candlelight Vigils

Ben Vitale

National Police Week is a week-long reflection on those police officers who have fallen in the line of duty. It occurs the second week of May each year. Events are being held nationwide and are supported by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Long Island grassroots organizations are holding local events on Saturday, May 13th at local police stations to pay respect to and to show support of those officers who are working side by side with local residents to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Judy Pepenella, our neighbor, who is a founding member of the Conservative Society for Action and Grassroots Community Organizer will be presiding over our local National Police Week Vigil.

Date: Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Location: Suffolk County Police Department 5Th Precinct, 125 Waverly Ave, Patchogue, NY 11772

Time: Arrive at 7:45 pm Vigil from 8:00 to 8:30 pm
Please wear blue or bring a blue ribbon, bring a flashlight or an led light.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Entertainers that Force Trump Jokes, on their Customers

Ben Vitale

This week my wife and I attended a show which included four comical performers. The show began with one of the comedians presenting a “Trump joke.” As we know… 50 percent of our population will be offended when a Trump joke is presented, and the other 50 percent will applaud that action.

Before I start I am advising the readers that this article is being written to be intentionally ambiguous! Hummm? Ambiguous! Yes… I am intentionally withholding the names of the performers, and the actual location of that performance. I am trying to focus on an issue and not the performer! It makes no sense to dump the entire blame on a particular entertainer or a particular catering house. The location of eastern Long Island is close enough.

As a result of the two trump jokes, a young lady, who was a complete stranger, came over to me and said… “I am pissed! I spent all this money to get away from all the (b*** s***) of life, and look what this guy does to me… A trump joke! I am pissed!” Actually my wife and I were pissed, as well as the couple that we were at the performance with. So… One joke and five people are angry at the performer!

After the performance was over, the leader of the group was passing his business cards around! Opinion! It appears that the entertainment industry feels like it is OK to Piss-off 50 percent of their audience, and then pass a business card to them! The problem is that an entertainer never knows who is in his audience. In this particular case I have a friend that is in the entertainment industry, and is always looking for entertainment at the right price! I took the entertainers business card and presented it to my friend with a written warning that this group is inclined to present Trump jokes! Is that warning desirable on ones resume? Absolutely not!

I am totally amazed! Entertainers continue to do and say things that their customers do not want to hear! Customers that pay hard earned money, to buy tickets, to attend a performance, expect to be entertained, not upset!

I have seen two mainstream entertainers suddenly disappear from the industry, after engaging in Trump bashing, at their performances! If I owned an entertainment venue I certainly would not hire someone who would disenfranchise 50 percent of the people that paid to see a performance at my establishment.

This article represents my own personal opinion, and perception of this issue ! We really would like to hear what you think about this issue. Is it OK to have entertainers upset their patrons? 

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Hunger Doesn’t Take a Snow Day 
Ben Vitale

This morning I was looking out of my window at the snow. The snow was coming down and accumulating at a fast rate! It just occurred to me that the Lighthouse Mission is supposed to distribute food for the needy, today in Patchogue. It’s snowing, what are the needy people going to do? Nobody goes out in this bad weather!

I must admit… I was concerned, so I did something that I have never done before… I drove to the Lighthouse Mission food distribution site, on Terry Street, to see what was going on! Upon arriving at the distribution site, I saw the people from the Lighthouse Mission, standing in the snow, giving out food for the needy!

I was amazed… The Lighthouse Mission did not take a snow day… They just set-up their distribution point, in the snow, and continued to give out food in spite of the inclement weather! It’s true… Hunger doesn’t take a snow day, and neither does the Lighthouse Mission! What a blessing!

Please visit the lighthouse Mission web site to learn more about the Mission! In addition to food distribution the Lighthouse Mission also has many youth programs. Young adults and children are taken from dysfunctional neighborhoods and given the opportunity to participate in activities such as Kayaking, bike riding, and sailing. These activities are life changing, and are not possible on the streets!

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(If you are able to help please click the Donate tab.)

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Quanzaa

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Friday, December 09, 2016

Santa Collides With Jumbo Jet
Ben Vitale

Photo Credit:

You must check-out this wonderful web site who published the above photo!

Last night, Santa got sucked out of his sleigh, while on a pre- Christmas reconnaissance flight! Santa’s flight was intentionally done under the same foggy conditions that he may experience on Christmas eve! His plan was to make sure that his Reindeer and Sleigh were in the best possible condition.

Unfortunately Rudolph’s red nose light was not blinking at the time, and the pilot of the 747 jumbo passenger jet did not see Santa.  The jet flew over Santa and his Reindeer at 360 miles per hour! The resulting up-draft sucked Santa out of his sleigh and onto the nose of the jet!

We all know that Santa has some very special powers! For example… How does he climb down a chimney that only has a 6 inch flue pipe! Hummm! OK! Santa landed on the nose of the jumbo jet, along with a sack of Christmas presents! So what did he do? You guessed it… He walked into the plane and started to give out Christmas presents to the passengers. The passengers were ecstatic! One passenger said “I can’t believe it! I met Santa on a plane flight from Florida to New York! What a wonderful way to start the Christmas season!” LOL!

After giving out 400 Christmas presents to the passengers, Santa shouted “Merry Christmas to all and to all good night and instantaneously disappeared in a giant puff of white smoke! Santa then landed on his sleigh, where he continued his pre-Christmas journey! LOL!

I wish that I was on that plane! Merry Christmas everybody! LOL!

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(Bill Vanwormer… Thanks for showing me this photo!)

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why do we Absolutely Need the Electoral College? 
Ben Vitale

Our forefathers were by no means stupid… In fact they showed exactly how intelligent that they were by creating the Electoral College! Sheer genius! They knew that a presidential election built around the popular vote would create a disaster!

States like Wyoming, Alaska, Delaware, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Vermont would be considered to be a joke!  Yep! They all have less than 1,000,000 residents. Without the Electoral College they wouldn’t even receive the crumbs! Even the birds receive the crumbs! LOL!

If the criteria for winning a presidential election was “the popular vote, all a politician had to do is pander to the residents of NY, Florida, California, and Texas, and he would win the election. There is no reason to give anything to the remaining 44 states… Zero! Nada! They just don’t count under this system! The presidential candidate did not need them in order to get elected!

Hummm… 44 states that were totally pissed off at a president for ignoring them could cause massive damage to the United States! The United States is not really one country, but a union of 48 states that have agreed to create a Federal government for the common protection. As we all have observed, this has gotten out of control!

You might also want to read a wonderful article by Mackenzie Eaglen, which explains the concerns about the common defense of our country!

Guess what! We are not stupid! A casual consideration of a popular vote presidential election does indeed reveal the possibility of massive abuse, and a possible catastrophe for our country! Unfortunately the internet has brainwashed most of us to respond to “one liners,” without even thinking that we were not given enough information to enable an intelligent decision! If a person really expects you to accept the idea of changing our country’s electoral process to a popular vote system, on the basis of a one liner, they are really and intentionally insulting your intelligence!  It is time to revolt against the internet indoctrination and start thinking for ourselves!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stranded Whale Rescue East Moriches, NY 
Ben Vitale

As reported yesterday, a Whale went aground in East Moriches, NY, near the Coast Guard station. I went down to EM to see if the whale was extricated… No such luck!

By chance I met two people near the water who were very upset because the whale has not received adequate help within 24 hours! I advised the couple to remain anonymous, in lieu of the current atmosphere of fines, for getting closer than 200 yards to the whale! Let’s call this couple John and Janet!

John who appeared to be a naturalist had resources such as a dredge and a helicopter, available to him to possibly help extricate the whale.

The DEC, and the Coast Guard advised of severe fines for going closer than 200 yard from the whale! The riverhead foundation advised that you should not go close to the whale because you would only get him upset! Upset hummm! Janet told me that the whale was actually exhibiting behavior that she considered to be “crying!” Is it possible that the whale was actually crying! OK! All of the above agencies are waiting for a Marine scientist to arrive from Massachusetts, to survey the situation! 

Newsday reports that the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation was out in boats that were intentionally making waves hoping that they could move the whale off of the sand bar! 

John and Janet had heavy equipment that was available to them, but were forbidden to use it!

It has become obvious to me that all of the above agencies were totally unprepared to deal with an emergency of this type! All of the above agencies should have had regular disaster preparedness drills so that they would not flounder when a real emergency occurred!  Whales do not normally appear in Moriches Bay, but they do appear in the waters west of the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn, NY. I believe that as we speak, a whale is indeed in the water east of the bridge! In the absence of a disaster preparedness drill, all of the above agencies are forced to respond with the only tool that they have… Fines!

I do not believe in writing an article that is critical of an agency, without making a suggestion that might help the situation! I have navigated the waters in Moriches Bay, with my 30 foot Reliance cruiser that is bigger than the whale that is currently stranded! A boat or a whale must stay in the Moriches bay channel! I have managed to get my boat stuck on sandbars in Moriches bay twice, while traveling at a speed of about Five miles per hour! In both cases, it took me Two minutes to extricate my boat from the sandbars, using the 90 horsepower engine at about 500 RPM.  What if a Bunge cord were temporarily attached to the whale’s tail? The ground in Moriches bay is not rocky, but slippery! A small boat may be able to help this whale by slowly pulling the bungee cord! It is not that difficult to get off of a sandbar, when you got stuck at a speed of only 5 miles per hour! I’ve been there!  Just a thought! The whale could not be very far from the channel because the tides are not very high!

Also… If you drop 30 people with shovels into the water, they may be able to clear enough sand to help extricate the whale. You might also make a call to Stony Brook university Marine Sciences department, and ask them if they may be able to help!  In the past they have been doing research on Whales; I have spoken to a few of the graduate students in the past! The Marine Sciences department does have a boat, and I would bet that they would be available to help! 

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Patchogue Knights of Columbus Will Collect Food Items at our Christmas Parade
Ben Vitale

On Saturday November 26, 2016, Patchogue village will be having its annual Christmas parade, starting at 6pm. The Patchogue Knights of Columbus will be collecting food and non-perishable items for our local food pantries. The K of C will be collecting these food items along the parade route.  Please bring these food items with you to the parade! 

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Clickbait Journalism and Fake News Sites
Ben Vitale

(This article represents the opinion of the author, and does not in any way represent the opinion of this news media site or its affiliates)

College students crying in the streets over this presidential election… Perfectly justified!
A clickbait journalist receives money from his sponsors, every time someone clicks on his headline! So… The tendency is to promise the world in the headline, and only deliver one piece of popcorn as a reward for reading his article!  Only one piece of popcorn… Frustration!

You might want to read an article written by  Madison Malone Kircher, which features a list of Fake Facebook and Social media news sites. The following list of questionable news sites was compiled by Melissa Zimdars, a communication and media professor from Merrimack College in Massachusetts.

Clickbait type headlines, that contain false information, have the same effect on an adult as holding an ice cream bar in front of a child, but just out of reach! Yes absolute frustration and damaging to his mental well-being! I see college students crying in the streets! Some see this as a weakness with this new generation; I see this as a generation that has not yet realized that they must protect themselves from Baitclick type news sites. In actuality, these sites have the effect of waging mental warfare on the readers mind! Crying in the streets… Perfectly valid after being attacked by a subliminal emotional demolition campaign! This election campaign actually made me physically and emotionally sick! Yep, I am almost as old as Moses, so emotional damage is not limited to college students! LOL!

Madison Malone Kircher, gets his news from some mainstream news sites but also advises that… “The best thing to do in our contemporary media environment is to read/watch/listen widely and often, and to be critical of the sources we share and engage with on social media.”

If you click on an online news site headline, believing that the article is about to bring the news that you have been waiting for, but are disappointed when you read it… You have just been taken as a victim to clickbait journalism! 

Kudos to both Madison Malone Kircher, and Melissa Zimdars, for an article that is so profound, that it should absolutely be read by every college student, even if they are not studying journalism!

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

I Hope that the Democratic Party Re-groups 

Photo Credit: Google
Ben Vitale

I published parts of the following article to multiple sites, including a Democratic Party Facebook site.  I was very surprised with some of the replies that I received! Please read the following text:

I believe in a two party system! The Democrats destroyed their image by participating in a "Tabloid style” election campaign!" Study "propaganda and you will discover that it is not a good idea to allow your political party to present itself as being synonymous, with a "Tabloid." This is like demoting the CEO of a company, to a “rank and file, low paying position, in the company. 

Your publicity people should be fired! They really screwed up the election! I do not want to see our two party system, become a one party system! You as a political party have just hours to salvage the future of your party! Immediately at the speed of light, demand that Democrats stop rioting, immediately! You must "come-on" as if the world is coming to an end! Now, not later! You must show that the Democrats are human beings, not rioting criminals, who don't give a s(expletive)  for our laws, and our constitution!

I am no longer politically correct because of your Tabloid campaign, so... Your leadership is too f(expletive)  stupid to see that the boat is sinking, and too intimidated to turn on the bilge pump! A sad day for our country!

I received five replies from Democrats telling me that they do not know of any Democrat that is rioting in response to the election! They essentially said that they are descent people and absolutely will not get involved with, or condone rioting! They were surprised that Democrats are rioting! Actually the people that are rioting are being bused- in, and in some cases actually being paid to riot! This premise needs to be investigated!

I believe that the Democrats that I spoke to are indeed descent people. I really hope that the Democrats re-group and stop the rioting! If they don’t, the Democratic Party will be forever doomed! We must return to the two party system! A one party system is called a dictatorship!

I am hoping that a Democrat, in this case President Obama, will get on the TV and demand that the rioting stop immediately, because it is doing insurmountable damage! The party of peaceful academics is now flying the battle flag of violence! There is no possibility of recovery unless the Democratic Party finds a way of disassociating their traditional good name, from an army of rioting cowards!

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DO IT! (This is the premise that defines my life!)

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