Thursday, October 13, 2016

You’re too Young to Understand the Truth about Journalism

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Ben Vitale

At one time Mainstream newspapers hired many reporters to write articles for the printed media. During the 50s, only the elite went to college! The journalists were cast into a molded with an ingredient that was as strong as bronze, but unfortunately that ingredient no longer exists! That secret ingredient is called complete and unbiased reporting!
In the 50s, you could put your Bible and the daily newspaper on the same shelf at night! Yes! The printed newspaper didn’t lie! It never lied! The mainstream media did not lie! Most of you are too young to have experienced that! Misrepresenting news on page one, was a transgression that would motivate the general public, to “Tar and feather a reporter! LOL! The editorial and OP-ED section of the printed media gave some latitude for consideration of opinion.

Ok! If you haven’t realized it by now … All jobs change with time! Yes that’s true! For example: My area of expertise silently changed without warning! I woke up one morning and the Transistor was the “big thing!” I can to this day hear the words of a traditional Electronics Engineer proclaim to everyone in the coffee room…”You can’t do anything with your Transistors that I can’t do with a Relay! (A relay is a mechanical switch operated via an electronic coil!) Three months thereafter… Unemployed!

Slowly and silently, the nature of journalism changed into something that we can no longer be proud of! In the early 50s, only a few people qualified to be a journalist! The affluent went to college and the rest did the best that they could to survive! As the years progressed more and more people went to college! Everyone who attended college had to be reasonably competent in writing. So…  Journalism is no longer only for the affluent!

Most people do not want to realize that what they learned in college, must be tweaked and upgraded, periodically! Will Rogers said the “Even if you’re on the right track, you still will get run over if you are not moving forward!” LOL! Slowly and silently a 9.9 journalistic seismic event materialized; the internet complete with internet web sites! Some journalists began to publish and write for Web sites! There was some money there! A journalistic aftershock of 9.5 arrived shortly thereafter! Blogs and bloggers were suddenly everywhere! Some content soon became available for free! Yes… No money required!

The war intensifies! Journalists that worked for the mainstream media soon lost their jobs! So what is a poor displaced Journalist to do! LOL! Yesss! Open your own newspaper! I have seen displaced Journalists move from obscurity to stardom in as little as six weeks! How did they do that? They did that by only publishing what the readers want to read, as opposed to filling vacant lines with random content. For example… If you know of any women who would not read a new recipe for Apple Pie, that women is probably dead! LOL! To this day some journalists do not understand that! LOL!

Today the mainstream media is totally out of control... They no longer report the news but instead fabricate it! It is obvious that this action is backfiring, big time! I no longer sympathize with political correctness... I now detest it! Oh yes... I also detest the mainstream media! I refuse to believe anything that I read or hear on mainstream media TV stations.

I see a bend in the road for the media! Believe me… my friends and I are literally cursing at the media! Yep! I am no longer Politically correct! The media sucks! Now I feel better! LOL!  The Goose that laid the golden eggs will fly to that part of the media that flaunts fair and balanced reporting, and discourages a conviction and execution of a person on the basis of a Two second video clip, without using the services of a judge and jury!

We desperately need Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter from the Daily Planet! LOL! But believe me… Clark Kent is indeed coming! LOL! Fair and balanced reporting will attract the Goose that can lay Golden eggs! LOL! Yesss!(You can Google Clark Kent if you are too young to know this man! LOL!)

What part of the Mainstream media will be smart enough to acknowledge that there is a major opinion  leak in the bilge of their particular Boat of journalism? Failure to acknowledge the problem will result in the ship sinking!

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Friday, September 30, 2016

A Presidential Debate does not Provide us with the Information that we need to Evaluate the Candidates 
Ben Vitale

(Photo credit: Wekipedia)

The politicians and media still don’t get it! This presidential election is not a drunken sports bar episode of one -upmanship!  We do not need or want debates that are tainted by a biased moderator! A debate is for the coveted position of “King of the drunken sports bar patrons…” However it does have some value! Bad traits or problems with an individual can sometimes be exposed!

Our electoral system is in dire need of some changes… May I make the following suggestions for your consideration! I believe that each candidate for the position of president of the United States, should  present a legal and binding written “document of intent” to the public, indicating what he or she intends to do if elected to public office! The candidate will publically read his promise to the people of America on a series of broadcasts, paid for by the government! Once elected… Any violation of this statement of intent should be considered to be grounds for impeachment!

The public has been lied to and sidestepped one too many times! Decades pass by and the same old bolder dash is spoon fed to the general public!

I believe that we need government sponsored elections, where all advertisement costs are paid for by government… This may be possible; but what do we do with private contributors? There is a problem… It is unconstitutional to limit presidential contributions to a candidate. The answer may be to create a new version of the Fairness doctrine, where minority candidates are given free air time in order to level the playing field. All candidates should be presented from a level and equal platform!

The general public has been systematically brainwashed by special interest groups via the media, which includes the internet. The internet is indeed a powerful tool that is used by the media, as well as the general public! The use of propaganda, is an underhanded way to get you to sway your opinion, when presented with insufficient information. Please permit me to give you an example of propaganda… “Everybody is going to vote for ‘Joe Gavone.’ “ (Joe Gavone is a fictitious name, actually it is a slang term that is used by Italians which means Joe the idiot! LOL!) Please read the link about brainwashing!

The use of propaganda techniques must also be forbidden!  The written document of intent must pass the test of the six “ws” of research and journalism! See link:   It is this six “ws” criteria that will guarantee that the reader has indeed been presented with all of the facts, not just snippets of text that proliferate propaganda. The documents of intent must be written in plain ordinary language that can be understood by anyone, not just the Lawyers! Use of the legalese language that is used by lawyers must be forbidden!

After the Documents of intent are published, a few debates could be considered, to reveal other potential problems, with the candidates! A debate does have a useful purpose, but must be presented second to a written document of intent!

With all of the above, the general public would really know who they are voting for, and the candidate would be fully aware of what he or she must accomplish!  

This article is also published on the online news media!  Please click the link below.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Suffolk County Police Department 5Th Precinct will hold its next Community Meeting


Date:  Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Time: 7:00 P.M

Location: 5th Precinct located at 125 Waverly Ave. Patchogue.

Specific issues and crime trends in our area will be discussed. 

You do not have to belong to or represent any particular organization to attend. Anyone could attend!

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Senseless Injustice to our own Lighthouse Mission

I originally intended to write an article, asking for donations of 26 inch bicycles for the Lighthouse mission, but a senseless act of vandalism changed the course of this article!

The lighthouse Mission distributes free food to 3,000 people every week, but in addition, also provides the local youth with quality social activities, as well as a Christian religious education.

Kids and young adults are escorted from local homeless shelters and are invited to participate in basic activities that every youth should experience! The Lighthouse Mission (LM) sponsors, bicycle trips,   sailing lessons, Kayaking excursions, trail biking, educational racing car seminars, camping trips, and also helps kids and young adults with their homework, after school!

This wonderful organization helps hundreds of children, young adults, and adults survive in this hostile environment! Most of the families that are helped by the LM are people just like you and I! I was fortunate enough, not to lose my job when we had the economic down-turn… Most of the people and families that are now in the shelters, never recovered, and were not able to get jobs that are good enough to support a family!

As a reward for the unprecedented services the Lighthouse Mission has provided to our community, someone sneaked onto the LM property in the dead of the night, and broke the windows and slashed the tires on one or more of the trucks that are used to deliver food to the needy! What kind of person would do this?

We as a community must individually stand up and support the Lighthouse Mission, by helping them in any way that we can! They are currently low on un-cooked food, and now need car windows and tires, in order to continue their service to the needy! Yes the youths would still love to have new 26 inch bicycles! Every youth deserves to have a bike!

The lighthouse Mission is not government funded and operates entirely on donations.  If you can contribute please go to the following link.

Additional information is available on their web site!

Email Pastor Jim at:

Tel: 631-758-7584  

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Lost Dog

Ben Vitale

Please be on the lookout for this 16 year old Chihuahua.

Color: White, Tan/ Cream

Sex: Male

Wt: 10- 19 pounds

Last seen: in Patchogue, NY

Dog was lost on 08/13/16

If you have any information, please contact Luigi at 631 220 1552

Also:    Pet ID:    142714

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Social Security is not an Entitlement!
By: John Hanlon

Jim Hanlon
October 11, 2015
Pass it on.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Looks like they are adding more Red Light Cameras instead of removing them. E-mail Blast the Suffolk County Legislators to share your thoughts:

Not all representatives are in favor or against red light cameras.  Please let us know how your representative voted for or stand on the camera issue, via the comment box.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Leslie did not vote for cameras!,

Robert is against cameras!, 

Voted to Suspend Cameras.,, 

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Suffolk County, NY Red Light Cameras are Turning us Into Robo-Slaves

How Did Our Representatives Vote?

The Good Guys

Tom Cilmi - voted to suspend cameras
Leslie Kennedy - voted to suspend cameras
Dr. William Spencer - voted to suspend cameras

The Bad Guys:
The Bad Guys:
The Bad Guys:

Red light cameras are being forced on us by the very people that we put in office to represent us! In addition, they are trying to sneak another type of camera in, that sends traffic tickets directly to your home.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this bunch of hooligans approved an incarceration ramp to be installed on all highways! If you go one mile over the speed limit the highway will collapse beneath your car. Directing it to an incarceration room, where you, your wife, your children and your dog will be imprisoned beneath the highway. We must not allow technology to control or lives! We must elect people that will protect us, not turn us into Robo-slaves!

The following voted to keep the cameras.

Please call the BAD GUYS and voice your disapproval

Call Them to Complain
Monica R. Martinez (631) 853-3700
Bridget Fleming (631) 852-8400
Kate Browning (631) 852-1300
Robert Calarco (631) 854-1400
Kara Hahn (631) 854-1650

This strategy has been posted by many people on the Internet! 
I have a better idea! at least one of the answering machines have been inoperative or shut down. 
No sense in calling!





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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Paramilitary Operation Contrived by Eight Year Old Children

Ben Vitale

Don’t ever believe that children are stupid! Many years ago my family and I spent every weekend and holiday, on our boat, at the Fire Island community of Davis Park. DP is indeed a party community! LOL!  The children watch the adults Party, and it doesn’t take very long before the children start to imitate their parents! LOL! OMG! Party animals at 8 and 9 years old! Yep! It’s true! The children learned to party with the best of them! LOL!

Every Saturday night, the parents in our crowd, hired three baby sitters to watch 9 children that were supposed to be sleeping on three boats! Three boats… Three baby sitters! OK! The sun sets and the adults are off to the Davis Park Casino! Whoopee! The children appeared a little too eager to go to bed, but I did not suspect anything at the time!

So here we were, eight young adults dancing and drinking at the Casino! We had an agreement that one couple would walk back to the boats, every half hour, to check on the children and talk to the baby sitters! Little did we know that we the parents were victims of a juvenile, covert operation that was planned and executed with exactitude reminiscent of the Green Barret! Yes that’s right… No military operation was ever planned and executed with such precision, cooperation, and discipline!

The conspiracy came to life when the children conned the baby sitters into letting them “party” as soon as the parents walked three blocks away to the Davis Park Casino. So! We the parents walked away and the party began behind our backs! LOL! Our children were drinking soda, eating chips, socializing, singing, dancing, and listening to music.

Let’s call this para military effort, “Operation Casino!” The partying was going great at both ends, but the children had to do something about the parental visits every half hour! OK! No problem! I am an Engineer, and that problem solving mentality transferred to my children… At 8 years old, they were capable of pulling off “Operation Casino.” The military precision was amazing… It was good enough to make Oliver North smile!

The children defined a reconnaissance squad operation and procured the equipment necessary to accomplish their mission! They assigned two man/ women, Recon Squads that proceeded to “High Ground,” which was the fly bridge of my boat, every 15 minutes! The Recon Squads took turns monitoring the boardwalk that went from the Casino, which is up on a hill, to the Marina area, below. The young soldiers requisitioned two pairs of binoculars to monitor their objective, along with lots of Chips and Dip! LOL! OMG! We created monsters! LOL!

As soon as any parent was spotted by the Recon Squad, general quarters was sounded, but instead of proceeding to the main deck, all hands went back to their beds and pretended to be sleeping!
The recon squad successfully warded off 6 enemy attacks, and did a commendable job protecting their covert Partying Operation! The next morning when everyone was enjoying breakfast, the children were smiling “from ear to ear”… I wonder why! “Operation Casino,” was a smashing success! OMG! Only 9 years old! LOL!

Please listen to the General Quarters alarm below!

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Summer of Love Concert 60s at its Best 
Ben Vitale

Photo and information credit: the Roots Agency

The Summer of Love Concert will be performed at the Patchogue Theater for the Performing Arts on Saturday May 7, 2016, at 8PM.

I am a musician and I am not easily impressed! After viewing the video clip below, I was beyond impressed… I was ecstatic! The musicians and the vocalists sounded just like the original artists! The vocalists and musicians played songs that were made famous by the  Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Santana, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Jefferson Airplane, The Association, The Turtles, The Beach Boys,  Mamas and the Papas,  Joe Cocker,  Cream, The Youngbloods, and many more.

Please view the following video.

Loved the harmony! The world class brass section made the 60s come alive! Really! Loved the selection of music!

What are you waiting for? 
Contact or go to the Patchogue Theater for the Performing Arts Box Office, and buy your tickets, before this show is sold out!

Phone Orders Call: 877 • 77CLICK

Box Office
Open 7 Days a Week from 12 - 6 p.m.

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