Thursday, December 11, 2014

Report from the Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch

Dec. 10, 2014

I attended the December, Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting, which was held at the Patchogue Medford Library, on Main Street, in Patchogue, on Dec. 10, 2014, to get some information about recent crime issues in Patchogue Village. I was concerned about the most recent assault on an off duty New York City Police Officer, on Jennings Avenue; hoping that they did not represent a trend in our village.

Aristides Mojica, Commanding Officer of the Fifth Precinct, in Patchogue, NY, told me that every community can expect to have some crime. In the case of the most recent crime where a police officer was assaulted by a criminal on Jennings Avenue; the perpetrator was not a local resident, nor was he someone who came to Patchogue to patronize one of our Clubs. The perpetrator was arrested and is currently in jail. I have also received comprehensive information from Lorie Devlin, Patchogue Village Trustee.

I feel safe to say that we are not in the midst of a new crime wave; and that crime in our village is comparable to the most low crime municipalities on Long Island…  Thank God!


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Tuesday, December 02, 2014


Santa is now on the Internet Directly from the North Pole!
Ben Vitale
I’m so excited! I have discovered that I still believe in Santa Clause! Yesssss! Over Five million people have discovered Santa’s new “Reindeer Cam” site on the Internet! You must look carefully because Santa only appears on Camera with his Reindeer, at specific times! Santa feeds the Reindeer three times a day; look at the “FAQ” tab for the schedule! I have not seen Santa’s Sled yet; I guess that his elves are still working on it, in preparation for his long journey on Christmas Eve! Yessssss.
You might want to have Santa actually send a letter to your child; just fill out the form along with Five dollars for postage! LOL!
Im so excited; I believe my Christmas season has actually began because I looked at Santa’s North Pole “Reindeer Cam.” I believe that I have actually heard Alvin the Chipmunk talking to me directly from the North Pole! Wow! LOL! Yessssss! How cool is that?

There is also a Facebook link on this site where you can read wonderful comments made by other people that are also looking at Santa and his reindeer!  
OK! I’m sure that your children would really love to see Santa’s Reindeer and Santa! Be sure to get posted on Santa’s “Nice List!” Yesssssssss! Yo! Ho! Ho! “Merry Christmas to all; and to all good night!”
Please click the link below to see Santa! LOL!

Please forward this link to your Grandchildren!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Members of the Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch, Patchogue, NY.

The next "5th Pct Open Community Meeting" will be held on December 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., at the Patchogue - Medford Library, Main Street, Patchogue, NY.

The "Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting," is a forum to discuss problems that you may be having in your neighborhood.  If you are having any local issues, be sure to attend this meeting.

You do not have to belong to or represent any organized civic association to attend this meeting. Please tell your neighbors about this meeting!
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

You Know You Are in Trouble at the Office When 
Ben Vitale
A friend of mine and her coworkers have for decades discussed in a facetious way, the logistics of how management expedites on its employees!  The name of a very popular game that management often plays is called “Workspace Polo!” LOL! The office or workspace that you enjoy could easily be taken away from you by some anonymous manager.

As departmental budgets continue to be cut, the chances of losing a major part of your work space increase exponentially! For many decades, my friend and her coworkers vocally fantasized in a humorous way, the possibility of management stealing their workspace! Here’s how the scenario was visualized! You are at work, and three stone faced men walk into your office or work area, and do not acknowledge the fact that you are there.  One person has a Clip Board and a Pen; the other two men have a Tape Measure, and they start taking measurements of your room.

One thing you can depend on is that company management does expedite on subordinates that they know little or nothing about. The trick is to initiate a “work space confiscation,” in such a way as to not be responsible for the outcome! Here is how this task is implemented! Management targets a 5000 square foot facility that they know little or nothing about! The target space is usually part of some subsidiary that is located on “another planet!” LOL! The occupants of the 5000 square foot facility are evicted and given a 1000 square feet room.  So...  What to do? Ok! The only answer is to throw out thousands of dollars’ worth of valuable parts and equipment into the trash can. The logistics of putting 5000 square feet of equipment and parts into a 1000 square foot room is usually pawned off to a part time, summer employee that is making $7.50 an hour with no benefits. After the summer is over the “part time summer employee” disappears from the payroll, and becomes the person who will be directly blamed for any repercussions of the workspace confiscation. LOL! “What did he throw out!” “Who told him to throw out our Fork Lift?” LOL! Who said that there was no such thing as the perfect crime! LOL!

Recently, management was looking for Real Estate that they could re-deploy. After many years of joking around about management stealing her workspace “it happened!” LOL! My friend was sitting at her desk one sunny Monday morning, drinking her coffee, when three people quietly walked into her work area and said absolutely nothing. The three people paid absolutely no attention to the fact that my friend was sitting at her desk; she was essentially demoted to the stature of a Pot Belly Stove, on a hot summer day. LOL!

My friend suddenly started to smile, and said to herself! “OMG!” It is actually happening!” “Yesss; It is really happening!” LOL! As tears started to roll from her eyes she just leaned back in his chair and started to laugh! “Yep,” They are really going to steal my workspace! LOL! And Yes… The stone faced administrative zombies just kept measuring her room! LOL!

So what is the outcome?  Thousands of dollars of parts, and equipment vaporize, and disappears in the compacting dumpster. Productivity of the original occupant of the 5000 Square foot workspace goes down by 80%, and someone from management gets a large pay raise for a job well done!  LOL!

Has anything like this ever happened to you?
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Jar of Life Demonstration
Ben Vitale

Many people have viewed segments of what appears to be a video of a college physics experiment on the Internet, but few have seen the surprise that is presented at the very end of the video!  Various presentations of this same demonstration can be found throughout the Internet, re-created by many different people. Unfortunately the wonderful lesson about happiness, and it's relationship to how you deal with life, is only found at the end of the video. Please watch the video to the very end, and make a special effort to understand the message that the author is trying to convey! I know from personal experience that the concept presented in this video is absolutely true! Expanding on this concept; if you allow toxic people and situations to fill your life, you will not have room for the things in life that are really important, such as good friends and Family! Be careful not to fill your “Jar of Life” with meaningless and toxic things!

Please view “The Jar of life!”

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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Members of the Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch


If you are having any neighborhood issues you should attend this meeting. You do not have to represent any "group" to attend.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Members of the Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch!

With the exception of a few suspicious cars, everything in our neighborhood watch area seems to be quiet. If you are having any local problems, please reply to this Email.

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How to Spend a Sunday Afternoon
Ben Vitale

I am of Italian descent but I am convinced that I must have some "Gypsy" in me; I cannot stay in one place. Every time I see a Violin I get chills up my spine! LOL! This Sunday Marie and I went to Cupsogue Beach in Westhampton.
A club called the Beach Hut operates at Cupsogue Park, at Westhampton Beach.

I just love the operation there! Entertainment is provided starting at about 4:30. This Sunday the East End Trio, provided the entertainment. I was very impressed with the lead singer; he sounded exactly like James Taylor, and Neil Diamond! Nostalgia was flying over me! Great Fun!

Food and drinks are available, There are plenty of public tables, and some people bring their own snacks. I personally try to help the Beach Hut pay for the entertainment.
What could be better... Fresh air, great music, food and drinks at Westhampton beach. We met a few great people and had a wonderful time.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to Destroy Your Computer!
Ben Vitale

Did you ever wonder why your computer died? You used it yesterday and today it refuses to go on! A computer fails for many technical reasons, but I have destroyed three computers because of a static electric discharge, from my body. On two occasions I heard a snap, and saw a small spark as I pressed the power button on my computer; I knew immediately that my computer was destroyed. On another occasion I drew a spark to my keyboard; that destroyed Computer number three!

When humidity is low your body could charge up like a capacitor, to voltages in the area of 10,000 Volts. Did you ever draw a spark from your body when you touched a “ground” such as a water faucet? When you see and hear the spark you should also feel an electrical shock. Some computer components are only rated at 5 volts; you can imagine what 10,000 volts will do to these components!

It might be a good idea to position your computer near an available “ground” if possible!  I personally prefer to place a bare Copper wire across my desk that is attached to a “ground,” such as a water pipe or radiator.

When humidity is low and conditions are conducive to generating static electric charges, I usually get some advanced warning; every time I touch the room light switch, my body discharges through the light switch. So… When this happens I spray the room with Radio Shack Anti -Static Spray, before turning on my computer.

When you walk across the room to use your computer, always discharge your body to a “Ground” before touching or pressing the button to turn on the computer. Also; do not touch the keyboard before discharging your body. Once you discharge yourself do not move or slide any part of your body, before pressing the “on” button.

Do not attempt to install a ground wire without contracting your Electrician, to ascertain that your household wiring and equipment is safe to use.

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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Did you ever play Stickball?
Ben Vitale
Many Long Island residents originally lived in the "Big City;" New York City. In the 50s, after the depression, money was scarce; very few people had money in their toy's budget. When I was a youth, my parents could not afford to buy me a Baseball Glove, and Baseball Bat. The name of the game for the entire population was to "improvise." Did I feel deprived...  Absolutely not; everyone that I knew was poor, but we did not know it! We simply did not have a frame of reference to compare against. It is amazing, how one could feel wealthy, in a poor community!

Most of my friends could not afford to buy real Baseball Equipment so we improvised! Someone that had a few dollars left over from his "Communion money" would buy a "Softball!" In Brooklyn, we called this a "Spaldeen." Now the scary part; we needed a Baseball Bat to play baseball, but no one could afford to buy one! “Hummm... “ Someone had to borrow a broomstick handle from their mother's broom, so that we could use it as a "Baseball Bat." The trick was to manage to get through the entire game, without breaking your mother's Broom Stick! If someone broke the Broom Stick, you would be in serious trouble! LOL.

OK! We managed to locate a Ball and a "Broomstick Bat," but where do we play Stickball? In the street of course; in the midst of moving Automobiles and Trolley Cars! LOL. Every city street had a "built in" Baseball Diamond; the "Sewer Covers" that were in every street made a wonderful "Home Plate" and "Second Base. "Hummm...” Where is first and third base? First and Third bases were the car door handles of any car that just happened to be parked on the side of the road. OMG; I certainly would not want anyone to use my car door handle for first base! It's amazing how one's perception of the same situation changes with age! LOL.

As soon as a game of Stickball began, concerned residents would hang out of their windows and remind us that if we broke their window we would have to pay for it!  Actually a “Spaldeen” ball would not damage anything that it hit except a glass window from a residence. I have never seen a “Spaldeen” break a car window! OMG a broken window was a year's worth of "Allowance!" OK… I managed to break one window; which put my allowance into austerity mode!

Stickball has become a tradition to many people. A group of people from across the country return to Brooklyn annually to play a “reunion game” of stickball.

I just loved to play stickball when I was young… Yesterday I discovered a treasure at the local novelty store; a genuine “Spaldeen.” It is amazing how a simple object like a rubber ball could bring back so many wonderful memories!

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Monday, March 03, 2014

Trick to Clear Snow Without a Snow Blower!

 Photo Credit: Ben Vitale

I discovered this simple trick out of sheer desperation. It had snowed last night and we had 2 inches of fresh powdery snow…  My snow blower refused to start. I am not superstitious, but I am totally convinced that my Snow Blower is haunted! LOL.  My snow blower actually knows when it snows, and will not start under any circumstances. It works just fine in the fall! I actually tried to re-deploy my snow blower to collect leaves; it also failed miserably at that task. My snow blower is indeed haunted! LOL.

I decided to try something that I have thought of doing before; use a leaf Blower to clear snow. OK… Using a Leaf Blower to blow Snow… Hummm! I did ultimately manage to clean my driveway and walkway using the leaf blower; it worked amazingly will!

The trick to successful use of a leaf blower is to start using the Leaf Blower as soon as possible, before the snow gets slushy. I even had success clearing a six inch snow drift, of very dry snow, with my Leaf Blower. When dealing with high snow, locate the Leaf Blower plastic nozzle, at ground level, underneath the snow. The Leaf Blower acts like a pneumatic air compressor and lifts the snow straight up, in the form of a snow blanket. The snow acts like a pneumatic piston; once off the ground, the snow breaks up.

The leaf blower did do a reasonable job on my Walkway.

Ear, Eye and GFI  protection should also be used.

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Rock Salt is Not Available
Ben Vitale

Photo Credit: Ben Vitale

After the snow storm on Wednesday, residents of long Island were inundated with heavy wet snow that was in the form of slush. Those that had commercial snow blowers may have been able to force their machine to deal with slush; those with low priced equipment could not deal with the slush. The slush turned to solid Ice the very next day.
I made four trips to multiple Home Depot and Lowes stores in order to purchase Rock Salt. Each day I received the same answer; sorry, we do not have Rock Salt. A savey customer told me that that he believes that the corporate office was not delivering Rock Salt because it is now “out of season.” I then looked over to the Gardening Department and saw a pallet full of Charcoal Briquettes.  My wife then suggested putting Charcoal Briquettes on the ice; hummm… It just might help!

The employees were helpless because their corporate offices were not delivering the Rock Salt. I intentionally gathered a group of employees, and told them that I was going to play the irate customer! I said that they could not get involved with this Salt issue, but I can. I told the employees to please tell their boss what an “irate customer” told them. I then smiled, and proceeded to be an irate customer! Hey! “yannow” it’s fun to be an irate customer once in a while. 

I believe that the CEOs of Home Depot and Loews should go on undercover Boss, and speak to the hundreds of people, that are still waiting for Rock Salt, here on Long Island. The employees were exemplary; Lowes and Home Depot should be proud of them. I’m not so sure that I could say the same about the corporate management! It’s great to be an irate customer; I can’t get fired! LOL

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice Flow in Patchogue NY

Photo Credit: Ben Vitale

There has been what appears to be, a small Ice flow in Patchogue, NY; probably caused by tide, wave and wind conditions on the Great South Bay. In this case, chunks of ice were deposited against and over the bulkhead at the Sandspit Marina. It appears that conditions were in our favor, and we did not sustain any damage. Ice flows at other locations have caused heavy damage to homes and properties; please look at the link below.  If you get a chance to go down to the Marina you will see that another Ice flow is pushing it's way over the rock jetty at Patchogue River. I have seen Ice flows cause havoc on streams that are located in upstate NY. When a stream gets totally blocked; that's when the trouble begins! Ice jams are sometimes relieved with dynamite. Once the Jam is relieved, you do not want to be downstream! Our mini Ice Flow in Patchogue, NY, does not represent a hazard, but it is a beautiful thing to look at.  

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Recollections of Christmas Eve
Ben Vitale
I have fond memories, of Christmas Eve at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, 60 years ago. My Grandparents had a tradition of playing Poker, in between the courses of dinner; Today, three generations later, our Grand Children, who are adults, love to play Texas Holdem Poker, at family gatherings. The grandchildren are now teaching Grandpa how to play Texas Holdem Poker! Hummm… Is playing poker at family gatherings hereditary?  LOL
Many of our family traditions stem from my grandparents who came to America from Italy, in the 30s.  The Christmas Eve ritual at their house in Brooklyn, NY, was really interesting and choreographed with the precision of a Broadway musical production.  
On Christmas Eve, my grandparents served a seven course meal; each course was followed by a game of Poker. It was so funny! The table cloth was literally removed from the table after each course, and Poker was played on the Plate Glass Tabletop! Through practice, my family members had training, in the art of playing Poker that could be compared to the training that one would receive at a military Boot Camp. LOL. I firmly believe that if my family went to a Casino to play Poker, the Casino wouldn’t stand a chance! LOL.  After the last course, the family would play Poker for the rest of the night. With all of the above going on, some family members managed to go to Midnight Mass, which is a Catholic tradition!
Christmas Eve at my house takes the same effort and dedication that it did decades ago! Once again we are working hard in preparation for our Christmas Eve celebration, 2013. This year, our Christmas tree was just about the right size for the room; we didn't have to cut off any branches from the top of the tree.  21 people will be at our home this year on Christmas Eve. I have introduced another component into my family’s arsenal of traditions; Karaoke Sing Along, after dinner.
My wife and I can remember the Bubbly Lights that our grandparents always put on their Christmas, Tree 60 years ago. Marie and I carried on the tradition, and always had “Bubbly Lights” on our Christmas Trees. Our tradition has propagated itself through Three generations! My 21 year old granddaughter would never forgive us if we didn't have bubbly lights on our tree! Bubbly lights have become a multi-generational tradition in my family!
While writing this article I had an epiphany; I suddenly realized that Christmas Eve at my house has had a profound effect on our grandchildren. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if our tradition survives for decades to come!
You might want to read another Christmas related story that I published a few years ago. I personally feel that “Christmas Stories” are timeless, and become relevant at Christmas time every year!
Have a Merry Christmas everybody! Have a happy Hanukah! Have a happy Quanza
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Tree Light Up Saint Francis De Sales December 8, 2013         
Philip Butler (Patchogue Knights of Columbus,Council #725)

The Patchogue Knights of Columbus,Council #725, with assistance from the Patchogue Fire Dept’s Union Hook & Ladder Co. #1, Matthew Coraro, Deputy Chief, put up the lights on Suffolk Counties’ largest Christmas Tree at Saint Francis de Sales Church this past Saturday, November 23rd.

“Tree Decoration Chairman” Paul Lauben did a great job, and thanks all for their help including Parish Roundtable coordinator Kevin Drawbridge, council Grand Knight Michael Boehm, Deputy Grand Knight Mike Hoesterey, Tom Berensten Philip Butler, Carmine Franzese, and John Terlecki. Pastor Father Tom invites the entire Patchogue community to the tree’s light up 4pm, this Sunday, December 8, 2013. Saint Francis De Sales is located on South Ocean Avenue and Amity St., Patchogue, NY.

Hot chocolate for all thanks to the Main Street Café.

Please forward this to your family and friends!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reduce the Calories in Your Favorite Beverage  by 75 Percent
Ben Vitale

This is not an advertisement!

I have been trying to “be good,” with regard to my diet. Yes, I know we need lots of water every day, but water is tasteless.

My wife introduced me to a simple trick that she uses, to make a tasty low calorie drink. Simply fill one quarter of a glass with Apple Cider; the remaining three quarters of the glass are filled with water. Hummm… This drink actually tastes very good. I tried this same trick using Orange Juice; this also tastes good. I then tried “Green Tea and Honey” beverage, mixed with water; this is my favorite!

As time went on I discovered that I preferred to drink the diluted beverages as opposed to filling the entire glass with the high calorie beverage. So a 400 calorie beverage turns into a 100 Calorie drink, when served with the water mixture. One part beverage and three parts water tastes great.

I also use this same trick when I go to a fast food establishment; I mix their beverages with water. It is wonderful to be able to reduce my calorie input by using water, while not losing the flavor of the beverage. Many fast food establishments also provide water at their soda fountains.

You must experiment with different beverages and see which beverage/water combinations taste best to you. You might also want to experiment with different beverage/Water ratios; I sometimes use a 4 to one, water to beverage ratio. In this case, a 400 Calorie beverage is transformed into an 80 Calorie drink.

The water that comes out of my faucet does not taste very good; so I use a charcoal filter to improve the taste. The filtered water makes my mixtures taste even better.

Have you tried this trick? Have you discovered a secret combination that really tastes great?

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Beware: Phone Call from Microsoft

I just received a phone call from an “un-named” person who said that he was from Microsoft. This person said that my computer was having a serious problem, and he asked me to log onto his web site, so he could fix my problem. While still on the telephone, I received another phone call from another
“un-named” person, on my second telephone line. The person on my second telephone line also wanted me to log onto his Internet site so that he could fix my computer. This person said that he was from technical support!

A Google search of “Phone call from Microsoft,” revealed that this is a Scam.  

Do not follow verbal instructions if you receive a similar call; hang up!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Del Satins to Perform at the Patchogue Theatre
Ben Vitale

The Patchogue council 725, of the Knights of Columbus, is sponsoring a special performance of the famous Del Satins, to benefit the New York State Veterans Home in Stony Brook. This performance is   special, because the lead singer Stan Zizka is your neighbor! Wow! He lives in Patchogue Village.

The Del Satins worked with Dion originally from Dion and the Bellmonts, to record “Runaround Sue,” and “ Donna the Prima Donna.” I have found that both the young and the old are in agreement; this is a show that “should not be missed.”
Date:   Sunday, October 27, 2013

Time:   3PM

Place:   Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, 71 East Main St., Patchogue, NY, 11772
Tickets start at $18 dollars, and are available via telephone, Web, or at the Patchogue Theatre Box office.

Telephone #:   631 207 1313


“Donna the Prima Donna:”

“The Wonderer”

The Del Satins are also going to have a “meet and greet,” photo opportunity session.

If you love 60s music, you really should attend this performance!

Buy your tickets as soon as possible; this show will sell out quickly.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sandy Recovery Insurance Workshop for Homeowners


Many homeowners that were displaced by “Sandy,” are still trying to dig through the tangled mess of paperwork and insurance forms, so that they can finish repairs, and finally move back into their homes.

A special workshop is being given by Christina Galante,  to help the homeowner navigate through the Insurance process.

Date: Monday, September 23, 2013

Time: 7:00 PM through 10:00 PM

Place: Touro Law Center

            225 Eastview Drive

            Central Islip, NY, 11722

Registration: is through

Trouble Registering? Contact Marian Russo 475-4300 xt 126 

This message has been distributed in cooperation with COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster)

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

To: Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch members

 The Fifth Precinct is having a Community Meeting

 Date: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

 Time: 7 PM

 Place: Patchogue Medford Library, 54-60 East Main Street, Patchogue, NY

 You do not have to be a representative of any organization to attend this community meeting. If you are having any type of neighborhood issues that could be resolved by the Police Department; I would strongly urge you to attend this meeting. The current leadership of the Fifth Precinct is extremely responsive to community problems.

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Announcement from  Ella B. McLean
Grace A.M.E.Zion Church
Cleveland Street
Patchogue, NY




SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 2013 ~ 1:00 - 5:00 pm

Feast on the more than 20 salads
for the donation of

$10.00 for ADULTS $5.00 Under 12

Tickets are sold at the door,  however some estimate of attendees will help.  Our event is open to the public and we look forward to the Fellowship with our Friends; and Members of The Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch Group.
Our mailing address is:
Grace A.M.E. Zion Church, PO Box 85, Patchogue, NY   11772. 
You may contact me -  Ella McLean @ 475.1916
or Jeannette Rivera @ 696.6682.
Thank you for your support.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to Order an Egg Sandwich
Ben Vitale

I always dread ordering an Egg Sandwich at one of the local delicatessens. The cook needs to be spoken to in a language that is relevant to her; however the customer is forced to deal with this proprietary language of the trade, when he picks up his sandwiches. The more sandwiches that you order the more potential trouble the customer can get into.

OK… You’re in a crowded Deli and you place your order with the person behind the counter. “I need two Egg Sandwiches; the first sandwich is with no seeds, ham, turkey and cheese, on egg whites, with salt, pepper and ketchup. The second sandwich is with seeds, easy over, with ham, cheese, salt, pepper, and ketchup.”

The clerk delivers a sheet of paper with the ingredients that you want on your sandwiches, to the cook. When the order is complete, the sandwiches are given back to the clerk with the same piece of paper that lists the ingredients.

So… with 15 people in this store; “to whom do these sandwiches belong to?” The clerk is now holding two sandwiches and an ingredient list. In a crowded store, the only way to determine the owner is to recite the ingredient list! Now here is the part that makes my heart beat faster! The clerk starts his narration: “Salt, Pepper, Ketchup, scrambled, turkey, ham, no seeds, with seeds, swiss!” OMG! I thought it was my order but I did not order the swiss! My heart is now beating at 120 beats per minute; I wouldn’t want anyone to know how stupid I am! My brain simply can’t  process anything that fast! LOL

OK… The clerk once again appears, and starts his ritual; scrambled, no seeds, cheese, ham, turkey, salt, pepper, ketchup, egg whites, ham, cheese, with seeds, salt, ketchup, pepper. OMG it sounds like my order! “Yesss…” with the grace of God I was able to identify my sandwich without looking stupid! LOL

Last Sunday I went to the Deli with a Plan! “Yesss a plan!” I walked up to the clerk and said, “this order is for Ben.” The clerk looked at me with a facial expression, as if to say “why is this guy giving me his name?”

OK! When the order was complete the clerk recited his ritual but this time only said the word, “Ben;” I lit up like a Christmas tree! I smiled, the clerk smiled as if to say, “Wow asking for a name might just work better than reciting an ingredients list!” LOL. I smiled for three days! LOL Let’s see if the clerk asks me for my name next Sunday, when I order my egg sandwiches! LOL

Epilogue: I went back to the same deli because their Sandwiches are the best on the planet! While waiting for my order I paid attention to what other people were ordering. One person ordered scrambled and bacon times 3; another ordered ham and cheese times 2. Hum… I guess I was not too smart after all; everyone else around me figured out a way to beat the system! LOL. Oh yes… They did not ask me for my name when I placed my order! LOL. “Great fun” at the “deli!” LOL

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Anniversary of the Flight 800 Disaster
Ben Vitale
July 17, 2013 is the 17Th Anniversary of the flight 800 disaster. The family and friends of the Flight 800 victims, gathered at the Smiths Point Park in Shirley, Long Island, NY, to attend a ceremony in honor of their departed loved ones. The ceremony took place at the Flight 800 Monument.

Photo Credit: Ben Vitale
After the ceremony, everyone that attended the ceremony was given a white Carnation. The attendees walked slowly beneath the international Flag display, on route to the water. The flags were all flown at half mast, to honor the loved ones that were lost in the Flight 800 disaster. The attendees then walked slowly along a 300 foot path, and then down the staircase that led to the water.

The Music that would normally be playing at the Beach Hut, was stopped, in honor of the Flight 800 ceremony.

Photo Credit: Ben Vitale

The family members all gathered along the surf, and dropped the flowers into the water. The entire ceremony was absolutely beautiful. As the family members walked by I could sense their feelings of love and closure.

Coincidentally a Documentary was aired on Channel 13, indicating that the plane was really taken down by a missile. The NTSB blames the disaster on a fuel tank explosion; the documentary says that the plane was taken down by a missile. Who do we believe? I was personally at Smiths Point the night of the disaster, serving in my official capacity as an Auxiliary Police Officer. I was told by some unknown person that the plane may have been taken down by a missile, possibly from our own Navy, during a military exercise; but this is hearsay!

After the families departed from the surf, the band started to play for  the huge crowd of people that came to enjoy their music.  “Life goes on!”

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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Patchogue Seismic Fault Partially Repaired

(Update from 2012 report "Seismic Event near Maple Avenue; Patchogue, NY" )
Ben Vitale

Sewer Repair funds, can now be used for Road Repair, in Patchogue Village.  This could not have happened at a better time.

A recent study of the road conditions within the area serviced by the Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch, has yielded valuable information.

Seismic equipment was installed into an automobile, and a not so scientific study has determined that riding over select streets in our area can create ground motion that is equivalent to a 7.2 earthquake. LOL

The above Seismogram is typical of some of the roads in our village, North of the Montauk Highway. It has been established that the most severely effected streets are Oak Street, Cleveland Street, Northridge Street, Wood, Grant, Taber Street, and portions of Maple Avenue. Cleveland St, Wood and Grant, have since been repaved, but Northridge Street, Oak Street, Maple Avenue, and Taber Streets, remain in disrepair!

Although ground motion of this magnitude generally would not create catastrophic damage to a car, the net effect is still substantial, when traveling at any speed, across these roads. "The back bumper of my Pickup Truck, has actually shaken loose, and fallen onto the highway! LOL

As I have been told, the stray Cats and Dogs have moved on to other parts of the village, because they experience a form of vertigo, similar to that experience by human beings, when walking on our local roads.

Hopefully Patchogue Village will consider re-paving the remaining streets. "Yessssss"

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Monday, June 24, 2013

We have our own Sasquatch
Ben Vitale

Photo Credit: Ben Vitale
A few years ago I went for my usual walk in Bayard Cutting Arboretum, in Great River, NY, armed with a camera and warm clothes. “Yep…” Summer and winter, my wife and I love to walk around the Bayard Cutting Arboretum park property, and take photos. In 2009 I photographed a very interesting looking footprint. I smiled, and told Marie that the footprint belonged to our own Long Island “Big Foot!” In actuality I figured that I had just photographed a footprint left by Romeo, chasing Juliet, through the snow covered fields. LOL

It seems like the quest for a Sasquatch is an ongoing production on TV these days! After watching one of these programs, I went back to my photo collection to find the photo of what I thought could have been made by “Big Foot.” To my surprise I discovered that the photo of the footprint that was made by some unknown entity, showed that the creature had 6 toes instead of 5. I then searched using Google and discovered that there is some biblical reference to “giants with 6 fingers and toes.” Wow! This brought new credibility to my photo!

So… We have the first indication, that “we, the residents of Long Island,” may have our “very own” Sasquatch! It’s about time… everyone else has a “Big Foot” running around their “town.” I’m glad that we may finally have our own local Sasquatch.

The next time I decide to stroll through the Arboretum, I will bring bait. I figure that a bowl of my wife’s Italian food should be enough to entice “Big Foot,” to come out of the woods and have dinner.

“Hey! This is getting exciting!” Please share your Sasquatch stories using the “Comment box,” below. Have you seen “Big Foot,” anywhere on Long Island?
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Monday, June 03, 2013

Reminder (From the 5Th Precinct), Patchogue, NY
The next Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4, 2013:
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Patchogue-Medford Library 54-60 East Main Street , Patchogue.  The Library is on the south side of East Main Street , opposite the Patchogue Theater.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! View from the Garden State Parkway in NJ. Proud to be an American. 
(Left click photo to make it larger.)
Photo credit:   Ben Vitale

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