Saturday, February 06, 2016

Medical Disclaimers on Prime Time TV
Ben Vitale

Whenever I hear the Pharmaceutical company advertisement disclaimers, I shut off the sound on my TV. The disclaimers are distasteful, and I actually feel that they have a negative effect on the physical and mental wellbeing of the listeners.

Every night just as I am about to sit down and eat dinner, I find myself being forced to listen to medical disclaimers for Drug company products. The FDA forces the Drug companies to air these disclaimers by law. The drug companies simply do not have any choice! 

Every 15 minutes the drug companies keep telling us about the multitude of ill effects that we can get from using their product; diarrhea, severe stomach pains, severe nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache confusion, hallucinations, convulsions, Liver problems, urinary tract infection, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, and death. The drug companies are forced to recite the disclaimers to protect themselves  against FDA regulations and law suits.

What would happen if you were to advise a young child of hundreds of ways that he could get sick. Every ten minutes, seven days a week! It doesn’t take a college professor to come up with the answer! Honestly I have been brainwashed one too many times by the disclaimers.

I believe that the FDA should eliminate the vocal disclaimer, and replace it with a link to the disclaimer, on the Internet! Indirect disclaimer presentation would spare the general public, the inadvertent brainwashing effect of drug company advertisements.

I personally take control of my physical and mental well-being, by using the power of positive thinking! I absolutely do not dwell on anything negative, unless it is in the process of trying to develop a solution.  In my opinion I feel that these constant bombardments of medical disclaimers are interfering with the general public’s ability to deal with and control their own physical and mental wellness. 

I personally believe that the FDA should direct the drug companies, to present their disclaimers as Internet links as opposed to the current mandatory vocal presentation.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Patchogue Ambulance Free or Billed Service
Ben Vitale

Patchogue village is currently considering alternate ways to finance our "free" Patchogue Ambulance service. I would like to share one of my ideas with the VOP, in an attempt to minimize the burden on our residents. 

We are currently paying taxes to the village of Patchogue. Part of these taxes are being used to support the Patchogue volunteer Ambulance service. Every resident in our village will eventually use this extremely valuable service... Not one person is exempt! "Free service?" This sounds as bad as the "Social Security entitlement!" Entitlement... I paid a huge sum of money toward Social Security! The word "Entitlement" carries with it the connotation of a "freebie" which it is not! So... The Ambulance "Free Service," is not free; every village resident is indeed paying for it!

 I personally like the Ambulance system, just the way it is! Where have I seen this before? A government takes something that works, and turns it into a disaster! I am not against having the VOP look into other possible ways to subsidize the Ambulance service; only if it's cost is distributed equally on every resident. I am totally against putting more burden on the backs of hard working people that already pay $700. dollars a week to maintain health care for their families. Many working class families are on the verge of collapse, as we speak! 

May I suggest a voluntary system of subsidized support for our Ambulance service! The VOP should send an annual letter, suggesting three levels of Ambulance service support, to every PV Resident! The people that are able to pay will select a level of payment and send a check to the VOP. Hopefully at least some of this money could be used to benefit our valuable volunteers. I am definitely against forcing a hard working family into bankruptcy!

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Visit Santa in the North Pole
Ben Vitale

You might want to bring your children to your computer and show them this site. Santa is providing a live video feed from his ranch in the North Pole. “Reindeer Cam,” is Santa’s official live feed on the Internet! 

You will see Santa’s Reindeer when they come out of the barn.

Santa will make personal appearances at 6PM and 9PM Eastern Standard Time. During these appearances, Santa usually tells stories! LOL! Your children will love this!

Once you click on the link below you will see the live feed from Santa’s workshop farm in the North Pole. Double click the video, and it will go to full screen mode. Press escape to return to the original mode.

Make sure that you children are not startled by the Elves, talking in the background every few minutes!

Have a very merry Christmas, a Happy Hanuka, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy Holiday!

Click the link below.
When the site appears be sure to click the “Play Music” icon on the lower left side of the screen!

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Library in the lobby
Ben Vitale

The Patchogue Medford Library and the Patchogue Theatre for the performing arts are now working together to host a literary event called “Library in the Lobby.” Area residents will have the opportunity to interact with authors, and participate in writing workshops.

The first in this series of events is scheduled for Sunday, January 10, 2016. This series will be held in the lobby of the Patchogue Theatre.

John Ashline, the Executive Director of the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts has determined that more literary type events are needed because of the monumental success of the author event that was hosted at the Patchogue Theatre in October, featuring Dr. Bob Brier the mummy expert. 
The first "Library in the Lobby" event will be in the new year on Sunday, Jan. 10, at 3 p.m., and will feature a book discussion & signing with Long Island University (LIU) political philosophy professor and author Michael Soupios, Ph.D. Soupios will give a 45-minute lecture on his latest book, "The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership:" Classical Wisdom for Modern Leaders" (AMACOM), co-authored with LIU economics professor Panos Mourdoukoutas, Ph.D. This is an event for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills in the workplace and beyond.

There is no admission charge for "Library in the Lobby." Reservations are strongly encouraged as there is limited seating, which is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are three ways to make a reservation for "Library in the Lobby": patrons can visit the Patchogue Theatre box office across from the Patchogue-Medford Library at 71 East Main Street, call the box office at 631-207-1313 or email For more information on "Library in the Lobby" and upcoming LITL events, visit or

This article was written from information provided via a Press Release, by Bernie Fabig, PR and Marketing Director for the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Michael Sorrentino Founding Editor of Patchogue Patch Writes for Pat Med Library
Ben Vitale

Your friend and mine Michael Sorrentino, founding Editor of Patchogue Patch, has been asked to write articles for the Patchogue Medford Library. Actually Michael has been writing article for the PM Library for an extended period of time… Unfortunately I did not know about his articles in the PM Library.

During Michael’s tenure as founding Editor and reporter for Patchogue Patch, Michael made many friends; one of them being Paul Pontieri, Mayor of Patchogue Village! Paul told me that he liked Michael’s diligent and fair reporting on Patchogue issues.

Please click the link below to see some of Michael’s articles that have been published to the PM Library web site.

Please read the intro article.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Please Donate a Turkey to the Lighthouse Mission
Ben Vitale

The Lighthouse mission distributes food to about 5,000 people every month. During the month of November, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, the Lighthouse Mission distributes Turkeys to needy families. I have personally seen the miraculous things that happen when you show homeless adults and children that you actually care about them!

The lighthouse Mission is currently collecting Turkeys that will be distributed to families that have fallen upon hard times. So far the Mission has collected 800 Turkeys, but 1600 Turkeys are needed. If the LM fails to meet their target number, 800 families with children will be without a Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Turkeys can be dropped off at the Lighthouse Mission, during normal hours of operation which are:
M-F 9:00am - 4:00pm
Sat 10:00am - 3:00pm
Phone #: 631-758-7584
The lighthouse Mission is located 1543 Montauk Highway Bellport, NY 11713

Details are also available on their Web site.

Please bless our less fortunate children and adults with your contribution. It would be wonderful if you would share this article with your friends and family! 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Scam Alert From the Federal Trade Commission

We heard about a new house alarm scam at the FTC’s recent Common Ground conference in Utah. A sales agent knocks on your door, claiming he’s there to upgrade or update your house alarm or home security system. It seems like he’s with the company you use – only he isn’t. Here’s what to look out for to avoid this scam.

We moved into our house and immediately installed an alarm system to keep us safe from the bad guys. But even the best house alarms can’t stop everything – like a scammer walking through your front door.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ghost Peppers Hot Hot Hot 
Ben Vitale

Some patrons at a local Spanish restaurant, were amazed that I was able to eat a "Ghost Pepper Burrito”   The only thing hotter than a ghost pepper is a Propane Torch! LOL! Just for fun, I told the customers that the older I get, the hotter I like my food! This is true! I told them that I was an Italian, who is slowly turning Spanish! I got lots of laughs! LOL!

The peppers in the photo above were grown by my wife with her little hands; I have no idea what kind of peppers they are. A ghost pepper looks similar to these peppers but is usually a lot thinner.

I was fascinated with the fact that fast food businesses, and others in the food industry have recently been making ghost pepper burritos available to the general public. Hummm… I asked myself; could I survive eating one of those ghost pepper burritos? The New York Post reports: that the Ghost Pepper is 107 to 417 times hotter than a jalapeƱo and 10 times hotter than a habanero pepper. Wikipedia reports that In 2007, Guinness World Records certified that the ghost pepper was the world's hottest chili pepper; 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

Please permit me to give you some background material that will help you to understand my lifelong quest to conquer the art of eating hot food. Many decades ago, my brother-in-law Jack Mistler and his friend Joe Mendoza, conspired against me in an attempt to embarrass me into eating one of the hot peppers that are sent to Joe, every year, by his mother that lives in Mexico. One day I succumbed to the pressure and actually took a bite out of one of Joe’s hot peppers; I thought I was going to die! LOL! : - ((

I went to Atlantic City, NJ, and passed many Spanish Restaurants. My fascination with hot peppers prompted me to ask the local Spanish residents, questions about ghost peppers. I asked one young Hispanic lady if she liked ghost peppers… She quickly took a defensive position by displaying both of her palms from the left side of her body. While looking at me over her left shoulder she said, I can’t eat those peppers!  Another young lady asked her boyfriend to answer my question about ghost peppers, because he was a Chef! He replied… I thought they were illegal in the United States! LOL! Wow! These peppers must really be hot!

And now comes the test that I have been working toward for a lifetime; I will attempt to eat a burrito that contains the "king of hot peppers;" the ghost pepper. I took my first bite and I immediately realized that the ghost pepper burrito was really hot… I was now in the “big league” of culinary pepper consumption! LOL! I took my second bite and then I realized that I actually liked the very hot ghost pepper burrito! Wow! I really liked eating the “hot” burrito! LOL!

So… I actually survived eating what is known to be the hottest pepper in the world! An Italian eating a hot ghost Pepper burrito that even some Spanish people refuse to eat! So… I am very proud of myself surviving the consumption of a ghost pepper. Yesss… An Italian, who was slowly turning Spanish, has finally arrived! LOL! I feel like I have just climbed Mount Everest! LOL! : - ))

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Veterans Scam Advisory 
Ben Vitale

United States Veterans are warned to beware of unscrupulous companies that are taking advantage of veterans. Older Veterans are approached by scam artists with all sorts of schemes to bilk money from our service men. The Federal Trade Commission indicates that there are many scam artists that are taking money from our veterans, and not advising them of the consequences of their actions. 

Please read details by following the link below

Please forward this advisory to everyone that you know who is a veteran.

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Message from the Suffolk County Police Department Fifth Precinct

The Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting is scheduled for:

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Suffolk County Police - 5th Precinct
125 Waverly Ave
Patchogue, NY 11772

You do not have to be a representative of any organized group to attend this meeting. The meeting is a forum for community residents to interact with members of the Fifth precinct and discuss issues and/or recent crime trends within their communities. All community members are welcome to attend.

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Monday, November 02, 2015

 A Special Message from Oliver the Bird

Oliver is a long time Patchogue Village Resident; but I believe that he does not pay taxes! Then again... What can he pay us with? Bird Seed! LOL!
Ben Vitale


You might want to visit the "Village of Patchogue Parks and Recreation Department's" Facebook page. Check-out all the photos by clicking "next."

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Submitted by Judy Pepanella

Conservative Society for Action
Special Meeting with Guest Speaker
Brandon Muir
Thursday, 10/29/15 at Plainview Public Library

What Does Government Cost Me?
Understanding the Root of Our Affordability Crisis.

Date: October 29, 2015

Time: 7:00 PM, doors open at 6:30 PM
Location: Plainview Library, 999 Old Country Road, Plainview, NY

Please click the link below!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

About Patchogue, Message from the Mayor
Ben Vitale

Left click the link below!

View all Five Patchogue Village Videos!|nypat15_ent_iwd

For years, I had a vision, that the Mayor would some day make monthly presentations to the residents of Patchogue via the Internet or on TV! I hope that we see more of these messages from Patchogue Village! Patchogue Village, might consider getting the residents in the habit of going directly to the Patchogue Village Web Site for information, especially in time of an emergency. A weekly "Whats Happening in Patchogue," column would also be wonderful!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Report: SCPD 5Th  Precinct open Community Meeting Oct 14, 2015

Report by: The Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch

I attended the SCPD Community Meeting at the 5Th Precinct, to find out if the village of Patchogue was having a disproportionate amount of crime compared to other towns in the 5Th Precinct.
The people attending were advised that certain type of cocaine driven incidents are happening Precinct wide. Criminals are breaking Store windows and entering, with hopes of finding residual money in the cash register.  

There is one chronic problem, at a single location in Patchogue Village, which is currently under investigation. There are the normal complaints of cars speeding and “blowing stop signs,” which are getting police attention! Residents reported that the “Speed Humps” that have been installed on Cedar Avenue and South Ocean Avenue are doing a marvelous job at slowing down the speeding cars!

I asked the presiding officer at the meeting for information about the amount of crime in Patchogue Village, compared to other towns; he said that Patchogue Village is generally quiet! We did have a few problems that were published in the newspaper; two robberies, but these criminals could and do attack randomly. Some areas outside of Patchogue village are having problems with abandoned houses that are occupied by multiple squatters.  The PD did indeed listen, and something is being done about the existing situations.

We were told to be aware of a Craig’s List Apartment Rental scam! You pay a deposit to a person who does not own the apartment, and he disappears with your money. I have personally encountered a scam where a person calls you on the phone, and a recorded message says that the IRS is taking legal action against you. The caller then directs you to a telephone number where they try to trick you into giving them money or personal information! THIS IS A FRAUD! The IRS never calls anyone on the phone. Check SNOPES!

You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket; likewise you can’t rid your neighborhood of crime if you don’t let the Police Department know about it! The Commanding Officer of the 5Th PCT William G. Silva indicated that crime can be reported by sending an Email to

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Patchogue Parks Re-Design and Upgrade

Ben Vitale

Quennell Rothschild and Partners, presented their “Patchogue Parks Concept Plan,” at the Patchogue Theater, on October 7, 2015.  250 people attended this meeting. The audio system was inadequate and many people left prematurely because it was very hard to hear the speakers.

There was some discussion about a “Skating Park,“ section that was to be added to Shorefront Park. At this point in time the plans are only tentative; pending more discussion. I am in favor of a skating park at Shorefront Park as long as it is similar in size to the one that was installed in Greenport, LI. See Link:  I think it is advisable to multipurpose a section of Shorefront Park that can be used in both the summer and winter for different activities!

One resident mentioned security and another suggested using Cameras! Another resident was concerned about what kind of plants could survive Salt Water. I talked to a few other people and one was concerned that we should have enough dedicated features for the children; another wanted an adult exercise area! QR&P also mentioned that they were considering protection from storm activity.  

I would really like to see an online portal to the decision making process, which will ultimately decide what features our new parks will have!

Please let everyone benefit from your ideas; make a comment!!!

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Message from the Suffolk County Police Department Fifth Precinct

The Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting is scheduled for:

Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Suffolk County Police - 5th Precinct
125 Waverly Ave
Patchogue, NY 11772

You do not have to be a representative of any organized group to attend this meeting. The meeting is a forum for community residents to interact with members of the Fifth precinct and discuss issues and/or recent crime trends within their communities.  All community members are welcome to attend.

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Mummy Expert Bob Brier To Speak at Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts About His Latest Book, "EGYPTOMANIA"

Submitted by Bernie Fabig

Patchogue Theatre hosts its first-ever book discussion on the Theatre's Main Stage
with author, mummy expert and former TV host, Dr. Bob Brier.

Sunday, October 18 at 3 p.m.

PATCHOGUE, N.Y. - Sept. 14, 2015 - In a rare Long Island appearance, the world's foremost expert on Egyptology and mummies, Dr. Bob Brier, will be speaking on the Main Stage of Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts (PTPA) about his latest book, "EGYPTOMANIA: Our Three Thousand Year Obsession with the Land of the Pharaohs," (Palgrave Macmillan) on Sunday, Oct. 18, at 3 p.m. This is the first of what could become a series of author dialogues here on the Patchogue Theatre stage.

Ever wonder why children and adults alike rather visit the Ancient Egypt exhibit at the museum rather than see the Greek vases?

Dr. Bob Brier's "EGYPTOMANIA: Our Three Thousand Year Obsession with the Land of the Pharaohs" explores the world's burning fascination with all things Egyptian and the events that fanned the flames - from ancient times, to Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, to the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb by Howard Carter in the 1920s.

"This is a delightful romp through key formative events that shaped our popular passion for all things ancient Egyptian. Bob Brier's always entertaining style keeps the pace moving, yet manages to inform and educate with historical context...," wrote Peter Der Maneulian, Philip J. King Professor of Egyptology at Harvard University, about Brier's latest book.

Brier will discuss the EGYPTOMANIA craze that took America by storm and draw parallels between popular culture today and Ancient Egypt you probably didn't know existed, such as the connection between the critically acclaimed PBS series "Downton Abbey" and King Tut's tomb.

The special presentation by Bob Brier will begin promptly at 3 p.m. on the Patchogue Theatre Main Stage, followed by a book signing of "EGYPTOMANIA" in the Theatre lobby. After the book signing, Dr. Brier will return to the main auditorium for a question & answer session with the audience. There will also be an opportunity to take a rare glimpse of a real mummy arm that will be on display in the Patchogue Theatre lobby on the day of the event.

Tickets are on sale now for Bob Brier's special presentation, "EGYPTOMANIA: The World's 3000 Year-Old Fascination with the Land of the Pharaohs." Ticket prices range from $10 to $20. Special group sale tickets are available for schools and educational organizations to purchase through the Box Office; please call 631-207-1300, ext. 106, for rates. For more information on Bob Brier or his upcoming appearance at Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, visit or

About Bob Brier

Affectionately known by many as "Mr. Mummy," Dr. Bob Brier is recognized as one of the world's
foremost experts on mummies and Egyptology. As Senior Research Fellow at LIU Post in Brookville, N.Y., Dr. Brier has conducted pioneering research in mummification practices and has investigated some of the world's most famous mummies, including King Tut, Vladimir Lenin, Ramses the Great, Eva Peron (Evita), Marquise Tai (Chinese noblewoman), and the Medici family of Renaissance Italy.

You may recognize Bob Brier as he was the host of several educational programs on The Learning Channel (TLC), including "The Great Egyptians," "Pyramids," "Mummies and Tombs," and "The Mummy Detective." Dr. Brier was also the subject of a televised special on National Geographic, titled "Mr. Mummy," leading Brier to become a household name. Dr. Brier has made appearances on CNN, CBS's "60 Minutes" and ABC's popular "20/20" program. Brier is continually sought after by the media for his expertise on mummies and Ancient Egypt.

Bob Brier is the published author of nine books on the topics of Egyptology and mummies.

Bernie Fabig
Public Relations & Marketing
Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts
71 East Main St | Downtown Patchogue
o: 631-207-1300, ext. 103 | c: 631-637-5445

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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Ten Foot Waves at Smith Point, Long Island, NY
Ben Vitale

Hurricane Juaqin which is currently off the coast of Long Island is causing some really big waves to break on Fire Island, Long Island, NY. I saw a few waves that were about Ten feet high; the media says that the waves were as high as 15 feet! Wow!  (Left click the big arrow, and then left click the small arrow to see the video. You should also left click the small box on the lower right hand portion of the video, to get a full screen display! Once the video is over, press the Escape key to return to the normal screen size.) It is so nice to observe the awesome power of nature! 

I did see a few people entering the water on their Surf Boards, who wanted to take advantage of the really big waves! The waves off of our Long Island beach looked more like the waves that you would find in Hawaii. Have fun and enjoy the video!


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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Message From the Suffolk County Police Department- Fifth Precinct

Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch

Community: Attention! 
5th Precinct Community Meeting location change.

Please see attached flyer. The 5th precinct community meetings will now be held at the 5th precinct, 125 Waverly Avenue , Patchogue. The meetings take place the second Wednesday of every month. The next meeting is September 9, 2015.
For full details, view this message on the web.

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Bullying is Timeless
Ben Vitale

I remember that bullying was rampant in the 50’s just as it is now in the 2000’s. There should have been a zero tolerance for bullying in the 50’s but there wasn’t. Bullying is another ingredient that affects the education process.

Students are not the only victim of bullies; teachers are also victims! As I recall, Jujitsu, Boxing, and Karate were and still are not part of the requirements to become a teacher; although, in today's environment, they should be! I was witness to the same bullying scenario in Junior High School, and senior High school. Bullies took control of the students, teachers, and the entire school system! Bullies did just what they wanted to do, and academia had no functional mandates, that offered direction to teachers that had to deal with these Bullies.

Teachers and principals have their careers to protect. Any action taken on the part of the teacher to remedy a bullying situation will ultimately wind up with the teacher being a victim, as well as his students. Then and now the same feeble response to bullying still exists! Send the bully and his victim to the principal’s office, suspend the victim for defending himself, and give a free pass to the bully! If a teacher did anything to a bully, the teacher would also become a victim.

When I was a young boy in Brooklyn, I was trained at Boxing and Jujitsu, at the local Italian American Social club. That training was part of me but I never really used any of my training, because I was taught to handle conflicts like a gentleman. When two young boys had a problem, both were put into a boxing ring at the social club to settle their problems! The end product of dealing with conflict in this fashion was respect, by all of the individuals that were involved.

I graduated into Junior High School and discovered that there was no Boxing Ring to settle conflicts with Bullies! Please “read my lips;” bullying was a major component in ruining my ability to learn, throughout grammar school, and in the first two years of high school.

Bullying is indeed violent behavior!  The traditional scenario of penalizing the victim and giving a free pass to the Bully, just does not work! Bullying should be treated as an assault. A youth that bullies others, does indeed have an emotional problem and can benefit from the services of a social worker. A Community Oriented Division of the Police Department should also be involved with cases of bullying. The police department has done some wonderful work with youths, by providing interactive tours of the local prisons.  Many youths who are on the wrong side of the road, are often convinced by the inmates that prison is no picnic!

Teachers should not be involved with Bullying; all incidents of Bullying should be directed to the Community Oriented Police and social worker team. Here we have a team who is trained to deal with the problems that are associated with assault.

We need a law that forever relieves teachers from the task of dealing with Bullies. Assault is a social and police matter, not an academic matter! In instances of Bullying, teachers must be directed by law, to re-direct all and every case of Bullying, to the Social worker Community Police team.

Please read the following link!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Patchogue Residents and Members of the Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch

Keep this on your Radar Screen! The Suffolk County Police Department, Fifth Precinct, has monthly meetings to connect with and inform the general public of problems in our area. The next community meeting is scheduled for September 9, 2015

Date: Sept. 9, 2015

Time: 7:pm

Location: Patchogue Medford Library, 54-60 East Main St. Patchogue, NY

Anyone can attend! You do not have to be a Neighborhood Watch member to attend. You do not have to represent any organized group. Please forward this to your friends and neighbors! Please attend and discuss your community related issues, directly with the police department!


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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Teachers are the Victim of the Socioeconomic Background of their Students 

Ben Vitale

I would like to establish that my family indoctrination played the leading role in how I connected with education, and life itself. I am sure that all of my teachers were not able to deal effectively with me because of my family background. Academia must realize that a student’s parents are indeed his first and most trusted teachers!

I come from an Italian immigrant family. My parents were not able to help me with geometry, algebra, trigonometry or English; we all spoke mostly Italian! This situation still exists today but only the nationality has changed.

My father and mother had an 8th grade education; they lived by a completely different set of values. In my case the values instilled in me by my parents were a stumbling block for my teachers! “I was told that a man was expected to work like a Horse, and bring home the pay check!” A college education was not on my parents radar screen; not one person in my entire family went to college at that time.

My actions were directed by the values instilled in me by my parents! I rejected almost every subject in high school because it did not fit in the template that was instilled in me by my parents and everyone else around me; we were all essentially immigrants and saw absolutely no value in algebra and trigonometry!

I would like to make an important point about the power of family indoctrination; that I will explain later in this article! Please be patient with me; this will appear to be unrelated to the subject of this article! My Father also told me that Baseball, Football, and Basketball were all stupid! “In Baseball they hit a ball with a stick, and men run in a circle!” ”In Football the players slam into each other in order to get a ball!” “In Basketball the players throw a ball into a hoop!” As you can see, my father did not like sports! The significance of this paragraph will “come to light,” later in this article!

My father indoctrinated me with two things that he believed could help me to succeed in life. My Dad was a house painter and he taught me how to paint a house when I was 10 years old; painting put food on our table, so he wanted me to have that skill. My father also had a vision that Electronics was the way of the future; he knew nothing at all about electronics but he did something amazing that eventually led to my very successful career in Electronics. During the course of my father’s job as a house painter, he often had to dispose of abandoned radios before he could start painting an apartment; he brought those radios home and gave them to me! OK! I knew “zero” about electronics, but I had a wonderful time stripping all of the parts from these old radios and electronic equipment! I got so involved with electronics that I asked Santa Clause for a piece of Electronics test equipment for Christmas; So... I was the only 12 year old in all of Brooklyn who owned an Electronics Multimeter. I did not like school but I studied Electronics at the local Library, with a passion.   

The point that I am trying to make is that a person’s parents have the most profound effect on the way a student deals with education, not his teachers. I walked into Jr High School with the “Memory Stick” of my mind already programmed! My teachers had the best intensions but my mental programming took precedence! I can remember saying to myself while in school; “why do I have to memorize this c**p?” I absolutely could not study a subject unless I had a practical need for the subject matter. I was indoctrinated to be job oriented; I believed that Geometry could not help me to make a living, but a paint brush could!  My grandfather was also a house painter and he paid the bills by using a paint brush!

My father gave me positive reinforcement every time I disassembled an old radio. I feel so fortunate; and often think of youths that received absolutely no positive reinforcement from their parents! So… I did my best to get a C in school, because I thought that I would never need the subject matter that was covered. As soon as I progressed to my senior year in High School, I realized that Geometry, Trigonometry, and Algebra were indeed necessary in order to advance to college level courses in Electronics.

On the positive side… Up until I entered my senior year in high school,” my father was the only teacher that I listened to! What if my father did not present me with his vision about the future of Electronics; I would be a House Painter today. Remember… I was trained to be a painter at age 10! If I had become a painter I would not have experienced the mental and financial rewards that I got from working in Electronics!

Teachers are as good as the students that are in their classes; and students are as good as the information that is instilled in them by their parent, parents, or peers! If a teacher is teaching the children of academic parents, he should be very successful. If that same teacher is given the task of teaching the children of immigrant parents, he may not be able to reach his intended goals. A given teacher should not be judged by the progress that his students make, without considering their family background. In my case, all of my teachers must have been considered to be failures, because my mind was already programmed by the very strong indoctrination of my parents.

In my case I repeatedly settled for a C in many subjects, including Algebra and Geometry because I was not motivated to spend any time, on class subject matter, that I was convinced I would never need. If my teachers were evaluated at that time they would have been considered to be failures! Why would I want to study English; we all spoke Italian! I absolutely refused to learn something that was not consistent with the indoctrination that was firmly implanted in the “Memory Stick,” of my mind!  

As you can see, all students cannot be placed into the same mold! As it turned out I couldn’t be happier with my success in the workplace! I reached and exceeded my goals in an unconventional way, but most of my teachers were powerless to help me because my father was the prime mover in my life!

Sports Hummm… To this day I have absolutely no desire to play or learn about Baseball, Football, and Basketball! Is it possible that my family indoctrination had something to do with this?  I am convinced that in my case, my teachers were not able to connect with me because of my previous mental programming!

Why should teachers be evaluated by the “Common Core” progress of their students? Teaching the child of academic parents, is a blessing to a teacher! Teaching the child of an immigrant family such as mine can be impossible. Academia must provide extensive orientation sessions for the Parents, before their children can be expected to respond to their teachers. I believe that the children of academic parents and the children of immigrant parents have nothing in common.

It is not fair to penalize teachers that were assigned the task of teaching the children of non- academic parents! May I suggest a test! Transfer teachers that are doing a fantastic job at teaching “college bound students,” to a ghetto school, where most of the students, come from a non-academic, background! I really do not believe that the “top notch teachers” would be able to maintain their current high rating!   

I did ultimately migrate into a very successful career in electronics, because of the direction that I received from my first teacher… My father!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting Aug. 12, 2015

Date: Aug. 12, 2015

Time:  7:pm

Location:  Patchogue Medford Library, 54-60 East Main St. Patchogue, NY

Anyone can attend! You do not have to be a Neighborhood Watch member to attend. You do not have to represent any organized group.

Discuss community related issues directly with the police department!


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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Wonderful Job Parking Car
Ben Vitale

 Long time Patchogue resident Josiah T. Cornplanter, retired riverboat captain; has submitted the following information. 

A young lady went to her ophthalmologist for an eye examination. The gal had her eyes dilated, but unfortunately did not have an alternate driver to take her home! It appears that she decided to park her car, and go to a street festival called, Alive After Five, in Patchogue, NY, instead of tackling her long drive home!  

As you can see, she is parked 23 inches from the curb. As per Captain Cornplanter, the driver did a wonderful job at parking her car considering the circumstances! LOL!

Thank you Captain Cornplanter for your information. I am looking forward to more submissions from you!

P.S.  I believe that Captain Cornplanter was once the Captain of the River Boat that is now behind the Harbor Crab Restaurant. Captain cornplanter does indeed know how to park a vehicle! LOL!

Please leave your comments; do you agree with Captain Cornplanter? 

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Scam Alert! just published notification of a scam that we should be aware of. You are advised to not give anyone your personal information.

I would like to mention that it is not a good idea to publish your birthday on social media; this information is needed in order to steal your identity. I sometimes publish a "Birthday," but I always publish an incorrect birthday. I publish a false day, month, and year! Hey! It's nice to make yourself a few years younger with the stroke of a pen! LOL!

Please click the link below.

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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting
July 8, 2015, Patchogue Medford library Patchogue, NY
Maple Avenue Neighborhood Watch

I attended the July 8, 2015 Community Meeting at the Fifth precinct. We were advised that one of the biggest problems that the Fifth Precinct is dealing with is avoidable. Residents are still parking their cars in their driveways without locking them. The perpetrator would get into your car from an unlocked door and press the trunk release. If you have valuables in your trunk they too will be stolen.
Beware of a scam where two young ladies knock at your door, saying that they are from the Town, and want to resolve a property issue. They would say that your fence is on the neighbor’s property.   While you are outside measuring your fence, two burglars enter your house and steal everything they can get their hands on.
It might be a good idea to put your car under a security light; Catalytic Converters are being stolen.

I don’t think that it is possible to do anything about the following! Criminals break into the Credit Card Readers that are at Gas pumps. When you put your Credit Card into the reader, your information is sent to the criminal via a radio transmitter. You better not use your credit card at a gas pump after dark.

Our best wishes to inspector Aristede Mojica from the fifth precinct; he just retired.

Inspector Gary R. Siska from the Suffolk County Auxiliary Police made a presentation about Aux Police Officer requirements, and encouraged everyone to become an APO.  

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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Fifth Precinct Open Community Meeting Tonight July 8, 2015

Date: Tonight July, 8, 2015

Time:  7:pm

Location:  Patchogue Medford Library, 54-60 East Main St. Patchogue, NY 

Anyone can attend! You do not have to be a Neighborhood Watch member to attend. You do not have to represent any organized group.

Discuss community related issues directly with the police department!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

UFOs Spotted over long island
Ben Vitale

On the evening of July 4, 2015 fireworks were being set off at many locations along the south shore of Long Island. While everyone was looking toward the sky at the fireworks, ominous glowing objects were slowly moving across the sky! The UFOs were first seen in Center Moriches, NY, moving in a westerly direction. Hey… This is fun! LOL! Aliens from another planet are enjoying our fireworks! LOL! I was hoping that I would see Captain Kirk from the starship enterprise, but that didn’t happen. See link at bottom of this article.
Unfortunately I am forced to turn the controls on my Time Machine back to the year 2015! Oh what a “bore!” LOL! Two of the UFOs flew over my head, and I was able to see what looked like a flame coming from the underside of each UFO! The flame that was coming out of the booster rockets looked more like the flame that you would get from a cigarette lighter! Hummm! Oh well! It is not a Romulan space ship! I am totally crushed! The UFO Spacecraft was actually a Sky Lantern! Go to Google and search for “Sky Lantern.” A sky lantern looks like an inverted paper bag that has a fire source burning under it. The heat causes the bag to rise like a Hot Air Balloon. Do not try building one yourself!
It was fun while it lasted! I guess I will have to meet Captain Kirk the next time I use my Time Machine! LOL!
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